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Leading Your Team During the Return To Work

Hopefully you have had a restful summer and have enjoyed time off with family and friends. Now in mid August we turn our attention to the return to work in a very different socially distanced manner, with co-workers in many places in Alberta wearing masks in offices and workplaces. Below I have shared three articles focussed on the challenges of leading in the return to work, I hope you find them useful.

Firstly, you might be reflecting on your own leadership practice like the following eight lessons to transform your leadership. CMI’s Chartered Manager of the year award shortlist always offers lessons in best practice for managers on a variety of skills. Here are the best pieces of advice from this year’s cohort. Long Read: Eight lessons from 2020s CMgrs of the year. Click on the logo below to read ...

Secondly, a new age of vulnerability: why inclusive leadership matters more than ever. Click on the logo below to read ..

And finally, we consider 'Is remote leadership part of the new normal?' Click on the logo below to read ..

I hope you found these articles useful as you continue your leadership journey, don't forget that here at Bluegem Learning we are always here to assist you.

Well that's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I'll be back next week with more, until then ... be a leader not just a boss!

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