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Bluegem Learning & Development offers cutting edge lunch n learn, half-day and full-day workshops that enable managers to and become respected leaders who can inspire teams to greater levels of success and motivation.

With our state-of-the-art "start/stop forum theatre for business" methodology using live actors, our workshops create lasting change in participants, turning teaching into practical and useable skills IMMEDIATELY upon returning to work!


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The revolutionary workshop that started it all...

How do managers handle difficult or problematic employees? Are they effective when it comes to those difficult "workplace conversations"?

What if supervisors and managers had a set of proven tools and the confidence to apply these techniques in the workplace that would help them achieve positive outcomes and improve individual and team performance?

Managing the UnManageable takes experiential learning to a whole new level and gives your managers the skills and confidence they need to turn pesky performance issues around!

“Bluegem’s engaging and informative session at our 2017 Foreman’s workshop proved to be a huge success. The role playing of scenarios presented our leadership group with the opportunity to both engage in and/or observe as close to real life situations as possible when managing employee performance. I strongly recommend this style of leadership training for any organization looking to provide their leadership group with skills, tools and information when it comes to managing employee performance.”

- Dean Jetten, Volker Stevin

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"Bluegem Learning & Development and Corporate Culture Shift have presented two very effective and interactive workshops with our organization. Their comedic and engaging presentation style in the ‘Managing the Unmanageable’ workshop has left a lasting impression on our staff. I highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for a valuable, cost effective customer service training option."

- Jeff Gerestein, City of Brooks

The modern leader is adept at motivating and inspiring their team to achieve maximum success.

Every employee and contractor on your projects can reach a higher level of performance, including your average and best performers. What they need is a manager who can coach them to maximize their individual effectiveness on the job.

This dynamic workshop provides practical tools that your managers can employ to boost team performance and inspire confidence like never before...

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In a world where many organizations are moving away from hierarchical leadership structures to flatter, more team-based models, we find that the person with the influence has the power. 


Leading from the Middle utilizes the research of current thought leaders in the field of influencing, business, psychology, social science and performance.


It explores our conscious and more subconscious behaviours, and provides participants with a ‘tool kit’ of practices that will enable them to embed the theory in an active and exhilarating way by the use of our forum theatre modality. 

"I brought Russell in to design and deliver our HR programme for line managers. From the outset Russell impressed me with his professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment, meeting all specified deliverables on time and to a high standard.

Russell produced a highly engaging HR programme that reflected our organisational issues. He is without doubt an outstanding training deliverer, challenging managers to address what can be difficult HR issues. I highly recommend Russell, and would always seek to engage Russell on future learning development opportunities."

- Sharon Gartland, DSG Consultancy Services


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I can't say enough good things about it, and I also recommend the online workshop. This was a fabulous feature for me because I'm not located near the facility that offers this program. I'm appreciative every day and I really see the benefits in my company, so thank you very much." Briane Hingley, Force Action in Development


Need to find the right people, create new teams or need to breathe new life into an existing one, people struggling with change or needing to work better together, unsure how to manage particular individuals or looking to develop people as leaders, team workers or specialists.

The MiRo Behavioural Profile can be used in individual professional development, team development, leadership development, recruitment and selection, conflict management, communication training, relationship building, negotiating, change management, decision making and more besides. Participants gain insights into people’s behaviour, motivations, communication and relationships, how to make better decisions, deal with change and co-workers more effectively. 

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It's Russell's style. Very personable, very engaging, is able to deliver material in such a way that folks just don't feel threatened. You sit in a room listening to Russell and the light bulb goes on. That makes sense. Right. Why didn't I think of that before?" - Monique Auffrey, Discovery House

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Behaviours that constitute bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimization can have tremendous consequences for the organization, it's employees, and, most importantly, your customers.


  • missed deadlines,

  • budget overruns 

  • failed projects, or even 



A proactive approach ensures all employees are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.

Respect AtWork will enable you to prevent and if necessary deal with such destructive behaviours ensuring a safe, positive and productive work environment.

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What does the future hold? 

  • an election?

  • an economic recession? 

  • a trade war between countries?

  • a REAL war between countries?

  • new technology

  • new competition

  • new tax laws?


All these and more can create anything from ripples to tidal waves that can slam your organization... Unless you're prepared!


The Future is Coming Workshop will guide you in a creative thinking process that will prepare you to:

  • Have a game plan for worse case scenarios

  • Identify and stop possible threats

  • Find and capitalize on new opportunities

  • Hyper-Accelerate Innovation



Using our proprietary Future is Coming Card Deck, your team will envision future states and discover universal truths as they tackle real-world challenges you may have never considered - but they COULD happen.


“An engaging and thoughtful learning outcome is achieved through a highly interactive format providing an experiential understanding of how to prepare for future events. The group left the session with real perspective on analyzing critical issues and the tools directly applicable to problem solving in their business.  Thank you Russell Stratton!”  - Todd Millar TEC Canada Chair & President.

Fast paced and fun, The Future Is Coming is an ideal way to develop forecasting skills and enhance creative problem-solving skills and foster innovation. 

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