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You’re Paying How F***ing Much? - A Conversation With Financial Advisor Dean Kendall at Ideal Life E

Do you know about the ‘hidden’ fees behind your investments?

  • A. Yes

  • B. No

  • C. What hidden fees?

The boys find out why knowing the answer to this question is f***ing important for your finances and investments. Dean is Calgary's only FLAT FEE for advice financial fiduciary providing truly comprehensive financial services, an author, public speaker and 8X National #1 BMX racing Champion.

We hope you enjoy the podcast. Remember to subscribe via Apple podcasts or Spotify, share the link with your friends and colleagues and you can always reach out to as at the following email address

Hope you enjoy listening to Episode 32.

If you are interested in Dean’s services check out his website You can purchase Dean’s books 'Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees!’ and ‘Becoming The Champion of Your Dreams’ on Amazon.

Ready for the next step in your difficult conversations? You can buy the book on Amazon now.

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