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What if everything about selling is wrong?

In this episode I need to f***ing talk to Peter Anthony.

What if everything about selling is wrong? What if, instead, you try the opposite? The opposite of selling, is building a relationship. Meet Peter Anthony the author of Collabradabra - The Magic Of Collaborative Conversations. Peter works with non-salespeople like engineers, lawyers, and accountants and helps them discover how to build the client business by not selling but by collaborating with clients to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships. He shares with us the most uncomfortable conversation he’s had: with an old-school VP of Sales who thought very differently and relied on bullying instead of relationship-building.

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"What if everything about selling is wrong? What if you try the opposite? The opposite of selling is building a relationship. Think about yourself: if you feel you’re being sold to you distance yourself from the relationship. What if, instead, you were to get more interested in your clients' outcomes than your own? That’s the essence of Collabradabra. It's about using collaborative conversations to build relationships.”

-Peter Anthony

"Most of the people who are drawn to sales are extroverts, the kind of individuals who are used to talking to others. They’re the kind of people who go to a networking event and come away with every business card in the room. The issue to my mind is that (thus far) they haven’t been rewarded for having fewer, deeper relationships. Introverted people are people who aren’t comfortable having surface relationships. Introverted people make excellent salespeople, excuse they’re going to build fewer, deeper relationships.”

-Peter Anthony

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Hope you enjoy listening to Episode 65.

About the Podcast: Do you want to f***ing improve individual and team performance in your workplace? Do you think mediocrity f***ing sucks and you shouldn't have to put up with it? Do you aim to be more than a good boss and aspire to be a great leader? Then join Ken and Russell for thoughtful and at times f***ing irreverent conversation on the topics of leadership and organizational culture.

Sometimes difficult conversations suck, but you need to have them. Sometimes you may even need to have them with yourself. On this podcast we have thought provoking conversations with business leaders from across North America and discuss ideas that can help you be an even better leader and not simply a ‘boss’.

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"Sometimes conversations suck, but you need to have them, and this book lays out how. Russell and Ken have put together and road-tested simple, up-front, and thoughtful approaches to awkward and difficult workplace conversations."

Andrew Phung, CBC's Kim's Convenience

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