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Attention: Roll up your f***ing sleeves and get things f***ing done with Martin Hunter

In this episode Ken and Russell talk to Canadian Armed Forces Veteran and Managing Partner of URGEO Martin Hunter. The boy's conversation covers Martin's career, his business ethos, both the highs and lows of Martin's journey as a leader, as well as a number of golden nuggets of advice from Martin for business owners and leaders that you won't want to miss. As Martin says to his clients 'Grow revenue, reduce costs, and free up time for you and your leadership teams with URGEO’s Operational Excellence systems'

Martin spent 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and has been Managing Partner at URGEO for the last 12 years. URGEO supports entrepreneurs and business leaders by helping them build a company that thrives on operational excellence. Martin is a strategic communicator who has effectively impacted multiple organizations at varying levels of maturity and industry worldwide. With over 25 years of combined entrepreneurial, operational, and corporate experience, Martin is known for his problem-solving abilities and relentless determination. Martin is also the host of the ‘What CEO’s talk about” podcast.

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Hope you enjoy listening to Episode 45.

About the Podcast: Do you want to f***ing improve individual and team performance in your workplace? Do you think mediocrity f***ing sucks and you shouldn't have to put up with it? Do you aim to be more than a good boss and aspire to be a great leader?Then join Ken and Russell for thoughtful and at times f***ing irreverent conversation on the topics of leadership and organizational culture.

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