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The Leadership Success Workshop Series is back with a range of live in person sessions. Check out the topics, dates and times below.


The 'I Need To F***ing Talk To You' Showcase

Fall 2024

Facing challenging workplace conversations with team members, co-workers or customers?

​These conversations can be a particular challenge after the annual Stampede Party, people's behaviour or comments may have been 'offside' and now the day after you are faced with having that 'difficult' festive conversation. Learn the art of navigating difficult workplace conversations.

Many managers avoid having these conversations at work and as a result:

  • individual and team performance levels drop

  • customers and clients become dissatisfied

  • team morale plummets

  • confidence in management is eroded

​What if you had a set of proven tools and the confidence to apply these techniques in the workplace, that would help you boost individual and team performance, improve employee engagement and lower your costs.

Experience a workshop based on the 5 Star Amazon book 'I Need To F***ing Talk To You - The Art of Navigating Difficult Conversations. This event will increase your confidence in conducting difficult workplace conversations by offering the only workshop of its kind using our nationally renowned Forum Theatre for Business approach utilizing ‘live’ actors. During this one of a kind workshop we will not only provide you with an easy to use process, but also an opportunity to practice in 'real time' with our actor.

So come join us to Act your way into a new way of thinking!

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