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Agile teams aren’t that f***ing agile! Use the power of conversations to change your team culture.

In this episode I need to f***ing talk to Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick about the benefits of 'agile conversations' - by changing how you approach conversations in your business you change your culture. We can find that our habits of conversation are deeply ingrained, and powerful cognitive biases work against any change. The good news as Squirrel and Jeffrey explain is that with disciplined practice, you can improve your conversations the way you’d improve your tennis game or your piano playing.

Douglas runs a highly engaged community called the Squirrel Squadron, Douglas coaches executives in all disciplines -- COOs, CTOs, CEOs, and many more -- to help them to change culture through better conversations and productive conflict.

Jeffrey is Vice President of Engineering at ION Analytics and an internationally recognized expert in software development and has over twenty-five years’ experience covering both sides of the business/technology divide. An early adopter of XP and Agile practices, Jeffrey has been a conference speaker in the US, Europe, India and Japan and is co-organiser of the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference (CITCON).

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Hope you enjoy listening to Episode 64.

About the Podcast: Do you want to f***ing improve individual and team performance in your workplace? Do you think mediocrity f***ing sucks and you shouldn't have to put up with it? Do you aim to be more than a good boss and aspire to be a great leader?Then join Ken and Russell for thoughtful and at times f***ing irreverent conversation on the topics of leadership and organizational culture.

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Andrew Phung, CBC's Kim's Convenience

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