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Growth Is Tough When You’re A Deer In The Forest

I was working with one of my small business clients this week and they were telling me about some of the challenges they faced as their company grew rapidly. Their story reminded me of a recent blog post written by my colleague Ken Cameron, here it is ....

Accelerated growth can be painful and potentially devastating. Managing it well is the key to success whether you’re a new leader or trying to make a new start.

One of my earliest clients told me that being a small business is like being a deer in the forest. Anything can kill you.

Losing a client can kill you. A rise in material costs can kill you. A labour

disruption can kill you. Your partner can kill you.

But surprisingly, success can kill you. Because you grow too fast. Scale too quickly. Take on far more than you’re prepared to digest.

We often think of growth as good thing, because its what we al struggle and strive for, what every entrepreneur dreams about. But the warehouse manager knows better. So does the computer programmer and the oilfield services manger and a dozen other leaders who have to deal with the consequences of poorly managed growth.

Accelerated growth can be painful and potentially devastating. You’ll need to successfully integrate many new employees and put in place systems that will permit scaling without subverting the elements that lead to initial success.

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