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Tips For Transitioning Into A New Management Role


Hi there, Russell Stratton, President and Leadership Champion with Bluegem Learning. I work with organizations just like yours, to help leaders and managers improve their effectiveness and increase individual and team performance.

I was talking to one of my clients only last week, who's just moved to a brand new leadership role, and he had a slight amount of trepidation along with excitement of the role. I'm not sure whether you've faced this as well.

First week on the job, he's wanting to make an impact, but he's not quite sure exactly what he should be focusing on. He's got piles of papers to read. There's policy documents to go through. There's action plans to complete and new staff to meet.

So, in our conversation, I suggested to him, that perhaps he focused on just three areas in these first 30 days in post. The first thing to think about was who were three people that he needed to meet in the organization, get to know so that they would be key allies that he could help him in his new role. So identify three key people that he needed to meet and speak to. Secondly, think about three areas of the business that he didn't know about. Think about three questions that he could ask. How could he improve his knowledge with just three simple questions? Finally, were there three actions that he could take really early on that could add value to the business and get him some quick wins, and he found that usefully in terms of just clarifying his thinking for his first 30 days with some simple actions to take.

If you're transitioning into a new leadership role, hopefully you've found this video usefully, gave you three areas that you can focus on in your first 30 days to add some value. Make sure you check out next weeks video when I'm going to be talking about Daniel Pink's Drive Theory. That'll help you in terms of how you can motivate those new staff that you've just inherited. Anyway, in the meantime, you have a great day and I'll speak to you soon.

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