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A Different Kind of Training Experience

Bluegem Learning has developed training programs that are unique compared to anything else in the industry.

So unique, that it's best to see it for yourself...

Visit our UPCOMING EVENTS Page and register in one of our informative Lunch & Learns to see how our unique approach works to:

  • Create Maximum Engagement from Participants

  • Reinforce behavior for lasting impact and change

  • Improve management and team performance

  • Boost Bottom-Line Results


Download our Program Guide...


Bluegem Learning offers a number of unique programs to improve team performance.


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“Bluegem’s engaging and informative session at our 2017 Foreman’s workshop proved to be a huge success. The role playing of scenarios presented our leadership group with the opportunity to both engage in and/or observe as close to real life situations as possible when managing employee performance. I strongly recommend this style of leadership training for any organization looking to provide their leadership group with skills, tools and information when it comes to managing employee performance.”

- Dean Jetten, Volker Stevin


"Bluegem Learning & Development and Corporate Culture Shift have presented two very effective and interactive workshops with our organization. Their comedic and engaging presentation style in the ‘Managing the Unmanageable’ workshop has left a lasting impression on our staff. I highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for a valuable, cost effective customer service training option."

- Jeff Gerestein, City of Brooks

Have you been tasked with the responsibility

to source a seminar or workshop for your upcoming

corporate retreat or team building event?

Bluegem Learning offers a revolutionary suite of seminars and workshops designed to maximize the impact of your training dollars by creating lasting behavioral changes in participants. 


Using a combination of techniques including the utilization of live actors to assist in the learning process, participants come away with a greater ability to actually perform better as employees and leaders in your organization...

Corporate Retreats

Team Building Events

1-on-1 Coaching

Leadership Skill Development

Benefits of Management Training Include Improve Individual Performance Boost Team Performance Increase Bottom Line Profits and Reduce Your Overhead
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