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How effectively do your employees and managers handle conflict in the workplace?

We run workshops using live actors, that will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and the opportunity to practice having those difficult conversations with team members, co-workers and customers.

Address workplace issues before they become a problem for your company.

Learn the art of navigating difficult workplace conversations with our one of a kind programs

We share easy to use yet proven techniques and a live actor to simulate those difficult workplace conversations that too many people avoid having. 

Do you have managers in your organization who need to address performance, attendance or behavioural issues with co-workers or team members? 

Do you have employees who need to address issues with clients, customers and / or their co-workers?

Many people avoid having these conversations at work and as a result:


  • individual and team performance levels drop 

  • customers and clients become dissatisfied

  • team morale plummets 

  • organizational culture becomes dysfunctional

  • confidence in the organization is eroded 


Russell Stratton, the "Leadership Champ" with Bluegem Learning, along with his partners, offers a revolutionary suite of Leadership and Communication Skills Programs, including both face to face and live online Workshops designed to MAXIMIZE the impact of your training dollars by creating lasting behavioural changes in participants. 
By allowing your people to practice in real time they are able to demonstrate during the workshop a positive change in behaviour and then return to the workplace and put their learning immediately into action.

Bluegem Learning has developed a systematic program to assist employees and managers at all levels to develop the essential skills they need to effectively:






98% of our participants say they would recommend our training to others!

Benefits of Management Training Include Improve Individual Performance Boost Team Performance Increase Bottom Line Profits and Reduce Your Overhead
Based on three decades of practical application and the 5 Star Amazon Book.
Book Cover.PNG

We literally wrote the book on navigating difficult workplace conversations.

Co-authored by Ken Cameron and Russell Stratton 'I Need To F***ing Talk To You' continues to positively shape how organizations address performance, behavioural and attendance issues.

The result of more than three decades of in-the-field consulting, this groundbreaking book is the basis for our programs.

Ready to start navigating difficult workplace conversations?

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