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Invest in the Right Training for Your Managers!

  • Increased Motivation

  • Higher Productivity

  • Better Communication

  • Maximized Profits


Everything you want/need for your organization to THRIVE starts with your leadership team and funnels down.

An investment in you or you managers leadership skills helps you ensure teams are being led effectively so you can HIT YOUR GOALS!

Russell Stratton, President & "Leadership Champion" with Bluegem Learning, along with his partners, offers a revolutionary suite of Leadership SeminarsWorkshops and Coaching Programs designed to MAXIMIZE the impact of your training dollars by creating lasting behavioural changes in participants. 


In our workshops we use live actors in a stop/start forum theatre for business approach combined with dynamic experiential learning activities to ensure that participants come away with a greater ability to actually perform better as employees and leaders in your organization.

Bluegem Learning has developed a systematic program to assist managers at all levels to develop the essential leadership skills they need to effectively:






Corporate Retreats

Team Building Events

1-on-1 Coaching

Workshops / Skill Development



"Bluegem Learning & Development and Corporate Culture Shift have presented two very effective and interactive workshops with our organization. Their comedic and engaging presentation style in the ‘Managing the Unmanageable’ workshop has left a lasting impression on our staff. I highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for a valuable, cost effective customer service training option."

- Jeff Gerestein, City of Brooks

"Russell produced a highly engaging HR programme that reflected our organisational issues. He is without doubt an outstanding training deliverer, challenging managers to address what can be difficult HR issues. I highly recommend Russell, and would always seek to engage Russell on future learning development opportunities."

- Sharon Gartland, DSG Consultancy Services

Russell Stratton

Leadership Champion

RUSSELL STRATTON is an international Leadership Expert, Professionally Certified Trainer and Coach, with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. 


He is a Master Facilitator for Bluegem Learning's ground breaking "I Need To F***ing Talk To You" workshop series - providing a practical toolkit for building engagement and improving individual and team performance. Using live actors in a stop/start forum theatre approach and a combination of dynamic experiential learning techniques, participants come away with a greater ability to actually perform better as employees and leaders in your organization.


He is an accomplished management education, learning & development professional with a proven track record of working with clients in the public, voluntary and private sectors to achieve lasting, measurable step changes in business performance.


Russell works internationally with a wide range of organizational cultures and with all levels from front line customer facing staff to executive management boards. Having worked as both a Personnel Manager and Operational Manager he works at both strategic and tactical levels.

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