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The Worst F***ing Bosses - who they are and what makes them so bad

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Many of us have had or currently have a great manager, but many of us will also have had/have a f***ing nightmare of a boss, someone who drives you and your co-workers f***ing crazy.

Listen to Episode 13, when Ken and Russell discuss a collection of the worst f***ing bosses submitted by our listeners.

Decide for yourself who f***ing the worst bosses are:

The boss who posted his employee's personal tax information on social media, the boss who threw a temper tantrum literally and bombarded his staff with display items in store, or the boss refused to discuss his appraisal mark with an employee. You be the judge....

About the Podcast: Do you want to f***ing improve individual and team performance in your workplace? Do you think mediocrity f***ing sucks and you shouldn't have to put up with it? Do you aim to be more than a good boss and aspire to be a great leader?Then join Ken and Russell for thoughtful and at times f***ing irreverent conversation on the topics of leadership and organizational culture.

If you enjoyed the podcast, why not check out my new book, written with Ken Cameron.

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"Sometimes conversations suck, but you need to have them, and this book lays out how. Russell and Ken have put together and road-tested simple, up-front, and thoughtful approaches to awkward and difficult workplace conversations."

Andrew Phung, CBC's Kim's Convenience


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